Text won't extrude. SOLVED: Don't Explode TEXT - use as profile plane cutting tool

I have been trying to bridge the font Gabriola since it was discussed on another thread (It’s been awhile. Post those projects!) I have bridged them so they appear functional but once I use them in Fusion 360, there is a defect that limits the ability to act like the untouched letters.

At this point, all letters are exploded and “unfixed”. I then extrude. Every letter that has been bridged, does not extrude:

No matter how I try, I cannot select the letters from the sketch to do another extrusion. Now I revert all letters back to their “unexploded” state and extrude. Now I get a disc without any letters.

Here comes the money shot of this investigation. With three (clicks) I have selected all of the text for another extrusion:

Now the selection is used as a cutting tool in the body:


So the moral of the story: If you have a font that you would like to use in Fusion360 and it is not acting as expected, use it as a cutting tool with your extrusion and it will work fine.

I actually learned this in one of Craig’s videos. Special thanks to: @holla2040

For anyone interested, here is that bridged Gabriola font (remove “pdf” from the file):
Gabriola_Bridged.ttf.pdf (3.7 MB)


Looking good!

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Hey Jim, nice tip. Using the Extrude a Profile Plane is how Tin solved a problem in my sketch yesterday when everything but the anchor feature extruded.

Can I make a suggestion?

For the purpose of future search results, you might call this something like “Text won’t extrude - Solved don’t explode text” or “Exploded text won’t Extrude - Solved use Profile Plane Extrude”. Anything that works in those key words in play here.


I’ve never exploded the text, I’ve always extruded through a plate then project plate onto new sketch. I prefer this approach because I fillet all plate corners. I probably learned this approach when I was working with a CNC wood router.

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On my 5th time viewing your video on bridging fonts, I finally realized that is what you did (No exploding of text). I was going to send you a message and ask what I was doing wrong with my font since it seemed correct but would not extrude properly. When I saw that maneuver I said “Ah ha! He would not be encountering this issue.”

Yes. Already made the change. I am going to act like I was planning to do it all along. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Glad you got it. 5th time is always a winner.

I am doing something wrong…I have the text laid out on a sketch but when I follow your directions I get the error. “No target body found to cut or intersect!”

I am doing all of this on a single sketch. Do I make a sketch for the sign and then make another for the text?

It may be the font…I am using papyrus but cannot explode it due to how complicated it is*

If it says “No target body found”, I am thinking that your body is currently “not visible” or they are on different planes from each other.

Do you actually have a body that the letters are meant to cut?

Can you share the f3d file and we could take a look at it?

That would be simple to determine: Do another very brief sketch with the same font and see if it works. Change the font and see if that makes a difference.

I don’t have that font so I can’t try it.

That is probably my fault. If you are following my illustration above, I initially created the circular disc shaped body. I don’t believe I made that clear.

When you have a body and go back to edit a sketch, Fusion 360 will usually hide the body. The body will not exist in some situation because it is in the timeline before the body was created. So you need to make sure that after you edit the sketch you finish the sketch and that you are on the time line after the body was created. That is another reason why the body may not be available. (This is another example where a video would be more helpful than text. Perhaps Craig or Tin or someone else could do a video…if this turns out to be the situation).

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I tried the simple box with text idea and same issue.

Here is F3D
Alaska Antler Works Sign v3.f3d (159.0 KB)

So best practice is make the sign as one body/sketch, and then make the things to be cut from it as additional sketches?

Your sketch is fine:

I will explain…

Left click on the text and hold until this extra menu is revealed:

You cursor down and pick “sketch text”

Now you can do the extrude cut with the selected text:

Let me know if you are successful.

Now you are going to have the insides of some of those letters fall out. So in that case, I would probably explode the letters and bridge the interiors.

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No luck. It looks like it gave you a different font?

I got through the “sketch text” part seemingly okay, but when I try to select it that’s where I get the error.

Notice there is no body at this moment in time:

Here is the timeline (no body is showing):

Here is your other drawing with the bridged letters:

Yes, because I don’t have that Papyrus font.
Alaska Antler Works Sign v3Chelan.f3d (569.4 KB)

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So extrude the body with the antlers.
Then select the letters and extrude/cut the body.

It will be two separate operations. You can’t do it with one extrude. The only way to do in one extrude is to “explode the letters”, which makes them vector images. But even that might be iffy with that font.

Oh my…I like your font but that is really squirrel-ly!

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@ChelanJim it could still be the font. The font you had wasn’t his original. I noticed that with speciality fonts you have to have that font on the computer you are working on or it defaults to a standard.


Yes. I agree with Phillip and I believe you might need to abandon that font.

@ChelanJim sorry I must have been replying when you added that note. Nevermind me🥴

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No worries. We are on the same wavelength. Had I zoomed up on that font before, I would have stopped sooner.

@KNPV-PSD try to find a font that has lines like you might imagine drawing with a pencil. Each part of those letters would be like an art project. If you are sold on those letters, you might submit the words as a graphic image to www.picsvg.com and let it make an svg which you could then insert into your design.

Edit: I just tried that by taking the image to picsvg and insert. It has potential?:

You would still need to work on the parts that fall out.


@KNPV-PSD what is the name of the font. I might use it myself. I use a different cad program than f360 I may be able to get you a cut path started. I have seen time when one program wouldn’t and another would.

He said it was Papyrus.