Table steps per inch calibration

Just built my table and checked the Y calibration. It is -.007" off in 3" of travel. (my dial indicator is 3 inches) That’s .088" in 38", that’s too much. There is no backlash and the couplings are not slipping.

Where do you adjust the steps per inch settings?

Is your table square, and did you run both sides of y axis to ends of screws? If not, you will have to go back and do both over.

Yes my table is square. I did put the dial indicator on both Y axis and it is off .007" in 3" on both sides. Ive build other cnc machines and none of them have perfect lead screws on them. They always need tweaked a little. You do that by adjusting the steps per inch in software. Is there no way to do that?
What is the tolerance of the machine? I may have to get new lead screws.

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At the user level there is no option to adjust the rate for each y-axis motor. As far as I know you are the first user on here ever to request it.

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Just out of curiosity what kind of CNC machines have you built in the past?

Two openbuilds Cbeam router tables 1m x 1m. Four 3d printers, self sourced. Ratrig vore3 400mm is my latest build.

Here is a video of what I’m seeing. I’m I missing something. Open to any suggestions.

I checked all 3 lead screws and they are off the same.
I verified the dial indicator was correct using the DRO on the mill.
It calculates to .032" per 12", a little over spec.
I guess the worst its going to be is about a 1/8 in 4 foot.

Nice catch. Just put mine together and will be checking this too. Anything CNC really shouldn’t be that loose tolerance I wouldn’t think. My 1992 Nc mill is better than that and it is wore out.

If it is repeatable in several spots, it absolutely should be a software defined relationship that should be able to be tuned. Maybe not user adjusted, but definitely a tech line call should be able to tune this. Its just best practices to optimize everything you can on a machine.

I realize this is driving a torch, not a tool - but as I have a MR1 order in, similar tuning needs are often in similar products… The leadscrew hardware for the MR1 looks like same source or design in the videos trickling out.

This is not a solution, but I wonder if within Fire control if the scaling option could be used for that fine of adjustment over a 3 foot piece. Not sure if those fields support the number of decimals needed.

Thanks for post, watching with curiosity.


I just checked my table after almost two years of moderate cutting.

My machine is dead nuts on the money.

Have you oiled the lead screws? Some people have binding issues at startup.

May be slightly binding.

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It does not get any closer than that.



I am by far from a expert. I have fan quite a few very old pieces ofmachine shop equipment. Own several pieces. Ran several cnc. They all work better with a little TLC.

Could be something else wrong. It it was the calibration I wonder if it would have returned to zero?

The box with the screws was drop shipped from Igus. I looked on their web site and a found a tolerance of .1mm in 300mm so that’ s about .006" in 12" Not sure if that’s the same tolerance on the crossfire leadscrews.

I’m not sure where the stepper calculation are, in firmware or in the Firecontrol software. If its in the fire control sofware it would be easy to add some settings to calibrate the lead screws. If its in the firmware it would be more difficult for the user to change.

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They advertise the pro table at .002 in 12.

The information you are looking for I haven’t heard any talk about on here. That would be one to involve langmuir in .

I never seen any problem with my table. I had heard of a few with issues that was advised to use 3 in 1 oil on screws.

I am not saying that’s your problem. Kinda odd I can’t remember seeing anyone else having this problem before or noticed.

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Hello world, has their been any resolution to this?

I seem to be having the same issue.

y axis was .25" short at 8’. (cut two squares on each end of sheet)
Ball screws are not slipping, already tuned that adjustment in.

Parts are square, machine is square, cuts nicely.
I have not checked X yet, seems to be more accurate.

I also cut a 2x5 rectangle. X was 4.995" & Y was 2.035.
Did this twice with same results.

Please help, got big jobs to do.