Table Maintenance

I am new to the CNC table game, and I want to make sure I am properly maintaining my table. I would like to understand what others are doing as ongoing, or preventive maintenance? What should I be cleaning on a regular basis? What should be oiled/lubed, and what products would you recommend? Since these table are investments it would be nice to layout a plan for how to take care of these bad boys. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


That is a great question…as I am in the same boat as you.

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I waxed the whole thing and used #10 machine oil on the lead screws. Never use grease on the screw as it attracts dirt and particles.

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When you say “waxed the whole thing” I assume you mean the x and y gantry rails, correct? What did you use for wax?

Yes I waxed the rails and the whole frame. Just Meguire’s paste wax.


Waxing and machine oil are both good ideas, but the lead nuts are plastic. Have to make sure to use an oil that doesn’t degrade the plastic, if that’s a thing.

Wonder what LS’s recommendations are?

I couldnt find anything in the manual. I searched the site and found they recommend motor oil for the regular crossfire

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A light multi-purpose oil (like 3-in-1 available just about everywhere) was the original recommendation for the Crossfire. And they recommended it as part of initial setup although it didn’t make the instructions (and didn’t this time either :slight_smile: ).

@langmuir-daniel - probably worth adding in the setup guide. Not just for the X/Y axis screws but also for the THC since that’s screw driven as well.

Thank you guys for the information. These recommendations are great, but I also think it shows the importance of knowing what Langmuir recommends. I am definitely going to wax the rails and oil the lead screws, but which products the manufacturer recommends would be great to know.

Come on folks at LS whats the recommended Maintenance…