Systematic approach to plasma settings per material ? - CF Pro

I’ve been digging and I just can’t find nuthin’.

I want to generate some code for testing different parameters (speed, torch height, pierce delay, plasma power, etc.) for getting some solid starting settings for various materials on my Crossfire Pro.

It seems that something should exist (really it would be great service PR for Langmuir to provide it, if they already don’t), i.e. some sort of systematic set of steps to home in on good settings for various materials with various plasma cutters. Of course this would need to cover a wide range of materials and machines, thus the process just needs to be a framework for what to do (a "recipe).

Ideally, some sort of G-code generator that cuts adequate shapes (straight lines mostly) which steps through a graduated range of, for example, cutting speeds. Then the resultant cuts could be inspected and a feller could pick the speed that turned out the best.

Is there a web page, post, or even referenced code generator for this kind of settings test helper?

Thanks for any help.

all Langmuir products work off of Langmuir software…Fircontrol…and the only post processors that work with Firecontrol…are fusion360 and sheetcam.
those programs have the postprocessor available from langmuir to do all the coding you need…

The easiest way to do this, without writing your own code, is to use the straight line cut feature in Firecontrol. Make a series of straight line cuts and vary the speed and/or amps on each line.

Duh! I hadn’t thought of that. Seems easy enough. Can you enter the pierce delay somehow for that? I’ll look into it. I guess if nothing else, I can generate something and text edit some feed rates or whatever into the code. I spent several years hand-coding g-code back in the day for machine tools. I can figure it out.

For more subtle stuff like small hole speed & anything that applies in corners & such, I’ll just post something from sheetcam.

Thanks fellers.

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