Surfacing Gcode from Langmuir causes the X axis to crash

I have an issue where surfacing starts out good on the first pass then crashes into the x axis end and then comes back and does not pass all the way to the left on the x due to the crash on the initial pass. I have attached a video link to show what is happening.

I am using this program from langmuir.

In my demo I just took the movement parts from the langmuir file above to be able to avoid cutting and starting the coolant but you get the idea.



At first glance I’d say check your G54 coordinates. If I remember correctly the langmuir programs need your G54 X and Y set to the position the machine homes to, or maybe it’s machine zero come to think of it. It appears that the G54 X offset is set at 1.5518 inches and it is moving the whole tool path to the right due to the offset.
Setting G54 X and Y zero to the home position should take care of the travel problems.

Also, do you have the soft limits set and enabled on the machine? I can’t remember at what step they go over setting the travel limits, but with those set it will prevent the hard limits from crashing.

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Yah this worked. Thanks @Skipshift

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Good deal :+1:
Let the chips fly!