Sure has been quiet in here lately! Where is everyone?

Bye the way, that was 22g, 30amp, .9 tip, 130ipm with 130% override… Almost nothing on the backside, second picture of raw metal… I don’t think I have ever ran the machine that fast! LOL, the last time I cut 22g, I was a newb and was running it a lot slower, and a lot more amps!

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I guess that I need to slow down and try some slower speeds, I cut 18g at 200 to 220ipm at 30amp. Maybe when this overtime slows up then I’ll experiment with slower speeds. It cuts good now but I do have to spend more time than I should with a flap disc on the back for the dross.

Wow!! These projects are amazing. I literally just ordered a crossfire pro about an hour ago and signed up here on the forum. It says it will ship in April and I already can’t wait. I currently work for an oilfield company in New Mexico and I do welding and Fab work on the side. This will be my first table and I can’t wait to start making cool stuff. I am also into off-road stuff so I plan on making several different things like bumpers and lift brackets and what not.

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Buy the best plasma cutter you can afford! I have an Everlast 50s, I’ve cut out 1/4", but thats it, and I honestly wasn’t impressed. I was a noob to plasma then, so I could probably do better now…

I ordered the 45 machine with the table. Hopefully it will do the job.

Dumb question I know. But I can’t seem to post pictures here from my phone. Says I need to resize?..

Not uncommon. Phone cameras are so good they create large files. Usually you’ve got your phone set for hi-def and the file size is too big for the forum attachment limits. I take photos from further away than I might normally think I’d need and then crop it to the center object of interest. That results in a good photo of whatever I’m trying to show but in a size that’ll fit here. I’m not sure in my phone’s camera software how to save a lower resolution version so this is my workaround.

Screen shot the picture, then post it… Seems to work for me… It’s weird how that error comes up, because it’s not on every picture on my phone, even though I take them all with the same phone!

Thanks for the tips guys!

I think it worked ! I took a screen shot then resized it slightly. This is a picture of a house number I did after finally installing my xl kit !

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This is what I’ve been working on ! Helping a buddy with building a ratrod van for I am ratical
Build off drive off competition for sema 2020!


That is some cool stuff right there!

Nice job.

Finally started ordering parts to add a z axis to my machine. I just got my PTM-60 machine torch yesterday, and I should have most of the parts by the end of the week. However the THC has a ship date of March 16 - April 1st.

I modeled the torch last night, and started on the linear actuator. Then I placed them on my table to get a idea of where I might want to mount everything.

Here is where I am currently at with it.

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Nice. did you model your crossfire?

I did, it’s a work in progress. I still need to add the lead screws and stepper motors. All of the nuts and bolts, and the controller box. I really just need to spend a few hours out in the garage with my cad laptop and a pair of calipers so I can finish up the rest of the details.

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Which THC did you order?

I ordered the up/down model that was listed in the google doc. But I couldn’t find any in stock states side, its shipping out of Vietnam.

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Where is a link to that thread? was it the one that Dicky used? I think that i’v seen that thread before, I have based my build on Tool Junkie but haven’t ordered my THC Yet.

thats great. it’s something I wanted to do but not really having a use for the model it’s on the get this done one day you have nothing to do list…

Once you open it, it should show up in your recent docs in google drive.

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