Struggling to fit curve

I’m building a smoker out of a 250 gallon propane tank. One of the things I need to do is model the curved end of the tank so I can figure out the curves where it intersects the firebox. I took some manual measurements and tried to fit a spline but could not get it to fit well and could not figure out how get the spline handles to move to adjust the curve. No idea why.

so, instead, I created to circles that approximate the two curves that make up the end of the tank. And it looks pretty good. I can get the larger curve to trim, but I can’t get the smaller curve to trim. What’s going on that it won’t trim.

And, this is my first post about a file, and I have no idea how to post it here.

Do a search you will find how to upload files. Search is top right of this screen

There is also some user walkthroughs on how to post a fusion file like @Knick said search up about to find them using the keywords " export f3d"

Have 3D is the file extension for Fusion

Thanks for the help. the export was the part I wasn’t getting.

But … this morning windows had reset and I lost 3 hours of work, and the problem I had with trimming is gone. However, I’m still not able to adjust fit splines. I had 2 joined circles to make this curve, but the smaller one wasn’t right. So, you can see the manual adjustments I want to make, and the spine is close, but not quite right - but I can’t adjust the spline adjustment lines. Everything I read says they should be grabable.
250 gallon smoker firebox - revised new curve version v3.f3d (228.6 KB)

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I’m still on site for a bit but I’ll take a look what you have going on as soon as I get back to the office

I was able to load it into Fusion and adjust the spline. However, it was not a click and drag. 1st, I removed the constraints. Then I was able to adjust by choosing move / copy. At that time, the spline points were selectable.

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Thanks for the response.

Okay, I can’t see any constraints on the spline. What am I missing? I remove one coincident restraint and one equal constraint that were nearby, I still can’t edit the spline.

Okay, I saw you used move/copy. Which I can do to move a splint point, but I can’t adjust the spline tangents that way, that I can figure out.

Edit: Okay, I figured out that the rotate element of the move/copy will move the tangent lines. Buy why not just allow me to drag the end points of the tangent lines???

Okay, next problem. Now I can’t get the spline to mirror down to the bottom. Mirror won’t let me select it. And I am using the mirror under sketch create menu. So, I created another circle to see the comparison on a test part, and now I’m back to trim not working. I looked closely, the curves and the line at the bottom are intersecting the circle, but I can’t trim it.

Edit: Never mind. Apparently there are two sketch planes at different Z depths and the circle is in the wrong one. I am way out of my depth here. I can’t get the circle to even draw in the right plane. This is way too hard. I’m just going to cut the plate square and scribe the curve by hand and then cut it by hand with the plasma cutter. If I’d started with that. I’ve have been done by now.

250 gallon smoker firebox - revised new curve version v4.f3d (229.5 KB)

! oops ! had my desktop audio patch in so it played over me talking. it is very hard (impossible ) to hear what i am saying …

I’ll check this out on my live stream in a few minute

8:30pm mst . you will be able to access the live stream for 7 day.

here is the file I ended up with

250 gallon smoker firebox - revised new curve version v4 tin forum.f3d (274.5 KB)

! oops ! had my desktop audio patch in so it played over me talking. it is very hard (impossible ) to hear what i am saying …

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I am going to stream this again with the sound so you can actually hear it …

8:30am mst ish

move sketch 16 to cut through the bodies at whichever height you please

250 gallon smoker firebox - revised new curve version v4 (1) tin mod sketch 16_.f3d (265.5 KB)

I was all so having trouble with the sketches

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