Struggle with THC

I know this has been hashed out 1000 times but I am struggling with this THC for some reason. I have a brand new Hypertherm 45XP with the CPC electronic port. I have wired it from that port to the THC box to the DIV in and then the cable to the DIV out to the control box THC Port.
I do not have the Red or Black wires nor the PV out wired to anything DO I NEED THIS if the plasma has the plug and play port as the directions “I believe” say one or the other but not both?
I have ran the THC health check several times and I get zero live voltage. What am I missing on this??

No, using the CPC port, you will not have anything pulled into the banana ports or the PV out slots on the VIM.

Does your torch fire?

Yes sir. After following the trouble shooting tree I believe I have found a bad cable. This is definitely a confusing wiring set up but after a ton of research I think I finally found the problem. These forums are absolutely priceless while pretty frustrating:). Thank you for your reply!!

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Please stop back and share your findings as it will help others in the future.

Thank you

I found that the cable had a bad spot that was coming out of the THC control box to the table controller. What initially scared me was measuring voltage. I thought voltage coming out of the plasma was really high but infact its only 3ish volts DC. So all I did was measure the voltage out of the plasma cutter (3ish volts) then used a paper clip and measured that cable going to the THC box (same as what was coming from plasma) then I repeated that step coming out of the box to the table controller and found voltage from the box good and into the box 0. Checkmate!! I just made my first cut WHOOHOOO.


did you replace the cable or what? I am having similar issues as well.

What issues are you having?