Strange circles in sheetcam

ok…I made a simple file in Inkscape…ran it through sheetcam to create the TAP file…
now when I import the TAP file I just made it looks like this…

pig and wings.tap (34.1 KB)

why is this happening?

I’m not sure but it comes out perfect and NC viewer


I can see that…but why when it is processed in sheetcam will sheetcam not open it the same way…

Are you really importing the .tap file? I didn’t know you could import anything other than DXF or SVG. Shouldn’t you be opening the job file instead?

how else do you open a TAP file in sheetcam to look at it?

I don’t. If it’s a file that I may want to edit instead of processing it again, I save the job. Then you can open the job file and the jet cutting operation is editable.

The .tap file is just code.

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I wonder if you could use G-Code ripper to turn it back into a DXF like we are discussing in the lounge?

That looks like it’s about 3 nanoseconds into a fission reaction.

On the other hand, if you used TW’s favorite CAD program, maybe it’s a Fusion reaction!

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I am not really interested in editing the file…I was sent a tap file…I wanted to look at it outside of Firecontrol…
I will look up NC viewer


Did it turn every arc segment into a complete circle? Weird.

pig and wings.dxf (383.6 KB)

You could view in g code ripper as well

I have the same thing happen if I save a file as DXF in inkscape then process it in sheetcam. Try saving it as an SVG.

Yeah, inkscape has been doing weird shit for me lately. Like projecting entities so it looks like a tempast game, when saving as dxf

Buddy is bringing me an old version to try, since
it appears to have updated itself