Stopping Halfway Through Job

We’re setting up our table and are running some test files. We’ve tried to run multiple different files and it always stops halfway through the job. The simulation runs fine in Fusion360. Can’t figure out what is going on. We hare using THC.

Does it throw any error codes?

Are you using the original Type A to Type B usb adaptor provided with the kit?

Are you using a usb hub or extension?

Are you using a laptop? is it plug in or unplugged during the cut?

Are you running raw voltage for your THC?

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also what might be helpful is the following:
what plasma machine are you using?
how big of a compressor are you using…is it maintaining air pressure?

We are using the original Type A to Type B USB adapter.

We are not using a USB hub or extension cable.

We are using a laptop and it is plugged in during the cut.

We are running divided voltage input for THC.

We’re running the Miller Spectrum 875 Autoline.

The compressor is pretty beefy - 5HP with 80 gallon tank.

Here’s a picture of one of the cuts that stopped. The steel was clean when we made the cuts. I took these pictures after the fact.

Is this the bottom of the piece of metal you were cutting?

Where are you locating your ground clamp?

Also unplug the laptop during the cut

I’m seeing in your picture that it isn’t only stopping part way through the cut, it also is not fully piercing the metal.

Which plasma cutter are you using?

What type of metal is this, and how thick is it?

Where is the plasma cutter work clamp attached? If it is currently attached to the water table or a slat, try attaching it directly to the metal sheet instead.

What are amperage, feedrate, pierce delay, pierce height, and cut height set to?

(After answering these questions, you can either wait for us to refer to a cut chart for your plasma cutter model to recommend alterations to your cut settings, or you can try the following:

Increasing amperage in 3A increments

Decreasing feedrate in 5-10IPM increments

Increasing pierce delay by 0.5s

Setting pierce height to 0.15 and cut height to 0.06 with THC disabled

Try making each adjustment one at a time instead of all at once. Also, try using the straight cut feature in FireControl instead of running a G-code in order to conserve metal while experimenting with cut settings.)


If this picture above is not of the bottom of the piece of material then your direction of cut is the wrong way.

Your inside geometry should cut counterclockwise.

your outside geometry should cut clockwise.

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how did you wire the auto-line? did you use the automation kit that comes with the handheld pendant? were having an issue where cannot get the torch to fire durimng a test. sorry to bump an old thread