Stencil ttf fonts

I’m new to all this and don’t even have my table yet but went on a hunt for fonts that already had the bridges put in them and there are some out there to purchase. I found a bunch of stencil fonts that were open to personal and commercial use (the eula are in the folders so check you don’t misuse) . Then so that I could find them easier in fusion 360 I amended the font names to have “CNC-” at the beginning of the font name. I also put all a copy of all the ttf file in a single folder so on a windows PC you can select them all right click and install.

I haven’t tested using them since I don’t have a table but they do seem to work fine in fusion as a font that can be just used and extracted when ready. I’m sure some of them will need some added bridging but at least they are a fairly easy stating point and should require a lot less tweaking when used.

stencil ttf (2.3 MB)

If anyone has more to share please do!


If these don’t work for you, you can find a lot of stencil fonts using


Yeah same basic Idea, I just took the time to rename them too so you can find them easier once installed that’s all.

This is a good older topic where we discuss font


I too tried to make my own font a couple of years ago, But it got very tedious… If you can make your own, more power to you…
I found this guy or web page that had already done the work… The Font is 30 bucks but , I was spending more time making a font that actually cutting metal… I wanted to give something back to the community , but I gave up and bought this… I HAVE NO AFFILIATION with the sight…

Those are very nice. I find that the “geogia” font almost makes you feel like you are not looking at stencil letters. Do you have any idea what the smallest size font that their “guarantee” of “no drop outs” would apply? I am guessing nothing smaller than 2 inches.