Plasma Friendly Arial Font.. (see pic)

I am trying to make a font so I do not have to place the bridges in the letters every time.
I mainly use Arial Bold for making signs.
I have made a font but before i release it into the wild , I need a little feedback so I can fine tune it.
A two inch tall letter has a .1875 bridge. It resizes according to your needs.
Currently I know this font works in Inkscape and Photoshop
Upper case letters that have inclusions have been modified
Upper case letters with NO inclusions are left alone
Numbers are the same way
NO lowercase letters have been modified
NO symbols have been modified.

are you guys interested in lowercase letters?
are you guys interested in symbols, @ % & ?
does anyone care? can you use this?

any questions or suggestions??

P.S. making a font is not as easy as I thought…!

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Interesting and useful, but, if you do ‘publish’ it, make sure it doesn’t have a name conflict with any other font and should contain ‘Stencil’ in the name.


Awesome! It would be great to have lowercase as well as symbols, but between the two, symbols is a more useful addition.

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Thats a cool style.

I have been searching and downloading stencil fonts.
once downloaded I open the Truetype font file and it populates my font library.
now it will be availble it inkscape, fusion360, word ,etc.
Heres a place I go Stencil Fonts
and another More Stencil Fonts


guess I will keep working on it. lower case is a pain ,no straight lines.

heres a good work flow in fusion360 for

font%20walk%20through%20f360%202 font%20walk%20through%20f360%2034

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I have been using Inkscape to edit the letters… maybe time to go back to fusion… is a website that has lots of fonts and option…some free…some you “should” pay a roalty for…

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That is a Great Site for free fonts!!

A little bummed today…
I found an excellent website :
He already has the EXACT Arial font I am trying to make…
I don’t really feel like re -inventing the wheel…

His is $30.00, that is less time on the computer more time cutting…

Maybe I will fish the lower case letters and call it quits…

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You know, you’re on to something here. I hadn’t thought of this before, but instead of editing my fonts of choice and copying and pasting them together, I could edit them and save them as a new font, then be able to just type away, convert to curves, add them together and be done… I may do this with my favorite two fonts.

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I definitely could use your Stencil Arial if you put it out there.

Right now it is only Capital letters … if you are still interested ,
When I get home tonite I will pm you…