Stencil font Fancy?

I am making a sign for a fussy person what is the fanciest stencil font have you used and cut good ???

You can use any font almost and stencil it yourself. I have people who love this one


Had not done the stenciling yet


That is a font called mister honey

Is it a contracted job or a surprise? If it is contracted, direct them to a site like and have them pick a font they like. As Phillip said, you can make bridges to hold the centers of letters of any font.

The one thing to be careful with is if the letters have some particularly narrow/thin portions of the letter, they may get abandoned during the CAM operation. Sometimes you can pick the bold version of the font to thicken up the letters. A good rule of thumb is that if the bridge or portion of the letter is less than an 1/8 of an inch, you are in risky territory.

I personally like the fonts where, even after they have been “bridged”/stenciled, you barely notice the change.

This would be an example of thin portions of the letters that may not do well. All the areas marked with red, will likely be a problem unless it is large enough that those areas are 1/8 of an inch thick.
Thin letters


This is a nice font people love it. it is one that the kerf is tight on. So when I do those pieces there is a minimum size I will do so there is no issues cutting them out.

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Phillip, I am guessing you are trying to attach an image while on a phone. There is no image. (I have not been able to attach an image from my cell phone.)

Nevermind, I believe you are referring to the “mister honey” font. Sorry. :grimacing:

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From iPhone go to phone library select pic and change size to upload as shown below…




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I have Galaxy phone but it just won’t do it. Thanks for trying to help. I can send images in text and email but I just haven’t been able to get the forum message window to hang onto my image selection.

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