Starting a program partway through

I thought i had read somewhere in the early days that cutcontrol had a way to start a program on a line of code you select. Anyone know of a way to do it? Because as of now I think I am mistaken, there doesn’t appear to be a way to do that. I snapped an endmill part way through a long program after pushing feeds too much (machine didnt care at all, endmill didn’t like it), it would be nice to be able to start at a point closer to where I left off.

I was trying to figure out how to do this as well within CC (I also thought this would be possible since it’s a feature in FireControl) and couldn’t figure anything out. I resorted to manually updating the gcode file… If you know what line you want to start from, you can just modify the gcode file to manually remove everything prior. Definitely not as convenient as selecting a line in CC and clicking “run from here” though!

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We have this feature in our plasma cutting software, FireControl.

We are porting this over now to CC and it will be available in a future release.


Has this been accomplished yet…