Start up mini computer

Trying to startup touch screen on mr-1 turn things on and screen says no signal . Tryed calling and emailing support no reply .

Hi how are you doing welcome to The forum and I’m not going to start off by trying to be a smart ass
Have you checked all the leads are plugged in the correct places did you go through the startup on the instructions if you did all of this then you might have a problem. If I have any problems I call Jake he’s my go-to guy

Welcome to the forum Wes3. Generally when the screen says no signal it means that the HDMI cable is not properly connected to the PC. It’ s possible the HDMI cable is defective. If you have a spare cable from another PC to monitor or a television , you might try that.

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Tryed replacing hdmi no go .

Went thru all cables and start up tryed start up several different ways jake finally answered so thanks

Wes3, I went thru purgatory on this. Are you plugged into the internet as you do this. The reason I ask is I had same problem. They sent me a new computer and that had same problem. I had replaced all cables and set up my own Microsoft surface diagnosing which I get to work fine. No signal with theirs. Either one. I was connected to internet with the replacement MR 400and after about 15 minutes Microsoft came on and did a software update to their computer. I did not ask for it. It just happened. When it was finished everything worked just fine. I spent two weeks on this. Grrr…

Sorry. Good luck.