Stalling and losing position during program

I’ve searched thru various posts on the topic and can’t seem to find a solution.

I’ve had the unit for about a year but due to other commitments it sat unfinished. I’ve finally had some time to get it up and running. The issue I’m having is when I try to run a program at 225 inch/min (recommended speed for hypertherm powermax 45) it stalls during the cut and looses position. It happens anywhere on the table. The 300 inch/min rapids and the break in program run just fine. The program is a complex curve. It will run OK if I slow it down, but produces more slag.

I’ve lubricated the lead screws and tried all sorts of adjustments to the bearings and lead nut mounts.

saddleback Mountain 8in wide v3.f3d (170.4 KB)

saddleback mountain logo 8 (30.7 KB)

Stalling in the y direction? Could be on of the couplings slipping.

Are you using THC? If so you should disable and try running it.

stalls using the “dry run” setting as well

seems to be both X and Y

So I downloaded a test coupon dxf from the fileshare library - a simple square with some circle and square cut outs. It seems to be running OK at 225 in/min or even if I speed it up 200%?

Perhaps something wrong in my program???

I wouldn’t think so but possibly if it was stalling. There are a couple possibilities.

How does it act jogging? Can you locate the direction with the issue?

Could be coupling slipping, lead scre bearing block switched as well as others.

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