Stainless water table for first batch

Us that were in the first batch have aluminum water tables. Is there any chance we will be shipped a stainless waterbed?

For the price they sold the pan for I doubt you would get a stainless one for free. They aren’t in business to lose money.


Thanks for pointing out the obvious. I was wondering if they would offer the stainless water table for us with the aluminum water table for a price and have us send back the aluminum water table.

They wouldn’t want my table back :grin:

In addition to the FlexSeal coating I also added a bung drain in the corner so it’s easy to drain the table.

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Anybody have any shipping updates for the water table. I ordered one 2 weeks ago and have sent 2 emails but havent heard back.

I have been watching for the stainless water table price. I got the aluminum one but havnt used it. So if i get a stainless before spring I will have mine for sale at a good price. If anyone knows the price please share. Maybe LS will jump in soon and let us know.

Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. The stainless water table should hit our dock within the next 5 days. I’ll have a more accurate date in a few days.

Thanks Daniel for getting back to me. Sounds good.

I’ve had aluminum water table for about 6 weeks. I had it filled with just water for first 2 weeks then cleaned and refilled with water and green cut. Cleaned out today and aluminum is still perfect. No pitting. I can say I will not be “upgrading” anytime soon.

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Any update on the stainless tables?

Following this too… i received my table about 4 weeks ago

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Haven’t heard a word since… Anybody else heard anything?

Any updates that happen to be available?

They ‘should’ be getting delivered to our shop today but we’re getting a bit of a run around from the shipper. As soon as we get them they are going to be sent out that day. We already have a huge stack of prepacked boxes that just need to have the water tray inserted before they get sent out.


Im really looking forward to it. My shop is a disaster from cutting on open slats! lol

The truck just pulled up! Got our crew out there unloading. Should be able to get a ton of these out today.

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Well hells bells!! Thats great news. My garage is also a train wreck from all the plasma dust. I wished I woukd have ordered one when I ordered the table!!

Great news! Can’t wait to see the difference.

I processed a few jobs on open slats and yea… my 2 year old white walled drywalled garage has noticed I got a plasma cutter. But hey, it was built to be worked in.

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Has anybody received a tracking number yet?

Got the water table today, why I didnt order one when I ordered the table is beyond me!