Spindle plug Tripping circuit

I’m having an electrical problem with my machine setup. I just recently got this machine fully assembled and into my shop. I have all the spindle plugs in correctly, but right when I plug in the 220V plug it trips the circuit immediately. I’m getting 220V through the MR-1 220V plug prior to plugging the female end into the control box. Any thoughts what could be causing this? I’m waiting to hear back from support just wondering if anybody else has dealt with this and had any suggestions.

If you are comfortable with electrical then you could take the cover off the control box and look for wiring mistakes. All of the 220V wiring is pretty easy to follow.

There is a chance that your servo drive (what runs the spindle) is bad. A simple check to see if it is a wiring issue or servo drive issue would be unplugging the servo drive from the supply wiring inside the control box.

The servo drive is the large off-white box with the fan on top, it’s a lot bigger than the 4 stepper drives.

If you aren’t comfortable with electrical then wait for Langmuir to get back to you, 220V wiring isn’t the place to learn.