Spindle is really hot

Hello all.
I’ve been running my machine on a large cut file today (about 6 hours) and the spindle cover is too hot to touch. But the spindle itself (at least the part I can reach) is room temp.
Is this normal? Does it need a cooling fan/hose?
Just don’t want to burn anything up. I checked and the bearings are correct as I know that has been an issue in the past on these.
Cutting w/ 1/8” end mill
15IPM at 1/8” deep
Flood coolant on.

Thanks in advance!

Absolutely normal. The spindle can reach temperatures in excess of 200*F in some cases.

I mean, there is a “caution hot” sticker on it.

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contact support. I got a spindle that was too tight and I melted it down. The bearings came apart. They sent me a new spindle. Since then I’ve run it super hard without any issues. If your spindle is getting as hot as you say at some point it the bearings will fail.

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I know motors get hot and especially after a few hours of cutting but it was running fairly light loads on it. But running 8k rpm constantly.
I’ve been working with Jake at LS on other items so I’ll measure the temp and shoot an email over to them so I can verify temps.
Don’t want to break stuff but I understand some things are designed to be beat on.