Spindle Break-in

OK guys - almost there - two questions:

  1. During spindle break-in I noticed I was over two hours, actually 2:45. I noticed the program was hung up on G83. tried a few things, then shut it down. Should I rerun or that enough??
  2. My doors are gray, yet rest of machine is black. Video’s show black - manufacturing


thats odd, id update your cut control make sure its current and then also update machine firmware. did it make it to the 8000rpm runs?

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everything is current - think it was at 6000

My doors are also grey - its just the way they are and it looks fine.

I also had a hangup through the breakin process, aboud 90 mins through - I just rebooted and edited the g-code to continue just before it hung. Seemed to work fine.



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i had an issue with my breakin program right at 7K I just re-ran the program.

Rebooted and reran - completed program.