Special Request Hope for some Help?

I have a good friend who has a dog named JOE. And he is not well and he is dying … I would like to make a sign for the friend. To remember his dog. He is kind of like a rottweiler kind of … I would like a DXF sign that somebody can help me with. Im not a artist. So I hope somebody can help me. I have a Razorweld 45 so not alot of fine detail. I will never reproduce it only for him. And will never sell the DXF. Hope the great forum people can help… Many thanks… Will be glad to post it and give credit whichever one I use…


I did this just with a vector file off Etsy for friends that had their boxer cremated this was to put on the mantle with her. This was the only picture I had it is before finishing


I think a number of us would be willing to do this but just so we don’t have multiple people rushing to get you a file, perhaps who ever has a good picture and plan, post that you have started. The rest of us can wait in the wings, so to speak.

I would be certainly willing and it looks like Phillip is certainly interested.

So David (@Allcutup), give us a bit more specifics. Does he live on a farm, city block. Does he like a particular car. The dog’s name is “Joe”. We got that. Any nicknames, favorite toy or activity that the dog loved to do? Something that really makes a clear connection between Joe and your friend.

As you might guess, I like dogs and I lost a very special one about 25 years ago. He was a mix of German Shephard and Black Lab. The dog I currently have is a bit on the wild side but she adores me so I feel a responsibility to look out for her. Her name is Tila (Tee-la). My wife has a phrase she uses nearly every day to explain how I make decisions: “It is AAT” in otherwords “It is All About Tila.”

And when do you plan to cut the file? Or hope to?

Edit: After consideration for Tila, I am going to make a stab at this.


Here’s what I got so far. Very much open to suggestions.

Special thanks to @DonP. The SVG conversion website you recommended worked great (https://picsvg.com).

JoeDog v5.f3d (1.8 MB)
JoeDogv5.dxf (577.0 KB)

Edit: He was rescued from the streets of Cleveland. He lives in yard that raises Day Lilly flowers and Joe feels it is his responsibility to guard the flowers. Thus the symbolism. I lack any artistic skills (which you can plainly see) so if anyone has ideas I am open to them. It is for a good cause and it is Christmas time. I have no hurt pride for improvement of this plaque.

JoeDog v7.f3d (2.1 MB)


Here is another option. You can always remove some of the details…

Rottweiler - Joe.f3d (1.4 MB)


how big will this be?

I have a 25 by 48 sheet of steel to cut it out of 12 guage…

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Im just not a artist dont know how to do that… Just make brackets and stencil signs… With stuff I modify off the web… I dont sell signs . Just make free ones for my wifes daylily flower friends… And in turn they trade her mewer daylilys

It was about 12 x 18, I have just revised and increased to 18.5 x 27, I believe. Revising thru recommendations from OP thru DM. Will post again when closer to finish.


I think we are there. It is 27.5 inches wide by 18.3 inches tall.

Rendering: brought to you by Erik!!!

(If OP wants to share the final version of the f3d, that is up to him. I gave up all rights to it.)

Edit: This was the version being considered yesterday:


Nice work!

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Thank you. Got lots of input from OP, Mrs OP and Mrs ChelanJim!

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Here is a DXF hope it helps
rottweiler.dxf (6.3 KB)
rottweiler.dxf (10.9 KB)


Here it is

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