Spec question on the THC cabling

On the cable that goes from the VIM to the THC input on the electronic enclosure, that female plug on the enclosure end has the pins labled “1” and “2”, anyone know which one corresponds to the red (pos) wire and which one goes to black (neg)? I was building a longer cable and like a dummy, I forgot to write it down before I desoldered them from the plug.

With the power off and the vim plugged into the plasma cutter check for continuity between the work clamp and the wire ends. The one with continuity should be the one that hooks to the work clamp.

Not sure I understand. The one with continuity to the work clamp goes to which pin on the enclosure? THe work clamp being the (excuse the terminology) Grounding clamp? And should this be common to the ground on the electronics enclosure?

Not sure if this answers your question but:

Or, if you have the direct CPC input on the cutter:

The work clamp should NOT be connected to the electronics enclosure. There should not be any reasonable continuity between the enclosure that the table. It should isolated but there is some talk that when everything is connected there may be 50k Ohms to 100k Ohms between the enclosure and the table, but not necessarily.

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Not really, what I really need is for someone to check their output voltage cable with a multi meter and tell me what pin (they’re numbered 1 and 2 on the end), on the enclosure plug has continuity to the outside of the barrel plug to the VIM. I could kick myself for not writing this down before I desoldered it!

Gotcha. The center contact of the barrel connector ends up connecting to the Number one pin or in other words the pin on the left. So the outside contact of the barrel connector would go to the right pin. Maybe, I am still not getting it right.

I thought you were talking about the cable side.

The Bakelite end is the female end and the one in the electronic enclosure is the male end.

If you end up hooking it up wrong it’ll just show 0 volts during your voltage test in fire control and then you’ll have to switch the polarity.

Inside the enclosure, Pin #1 has a brown wire and Pin #2 has a white wire. This is where they end up:

In the immortal words of Startrek Dr. Bones “Dammit Jim I am not an electrician…I am a Physical Therapist.” Or something like that.


I would venture to say that both sides of those connections seem to have both male and female parts. They are indeed hermaphrodite connections.

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Now that I can work with, Thanks!

That is very helpful, thanks

@mattmanuel is 1 and 2 stamp in the end of the Bakelite like in the generic picture of the connector I posted above ?

It is. I think I have if figured out now. Did a live fire test and got 122.7 v and the torch fired, so I guess it is right. I’ll do a test cut on some 12 AWG mild steel today and see how that works out.