Sound driver for MR-1 PC

Kind of a weird question: has anyone gotten the aux output on the included control PC to work? Windows doesn’t seem to recognize it as a sound device, and the aux output on the touchscreen doesn’t work either. Would be handy for showing my students videos during CNC training. Windows troubleshooter doesn’t seem to pull anything up.

I havent used the AUX but I connected wirelessly to my blue tooth speaker, I think it had a little fuss for the first connection but nothing driver related.


Ever get this?

MR 1 supplied pc is a bare bone min computer. Use caution installing things on this computer that would hinder its operation, I’m sure a sound driver would be ok. But!!!

yea, just running it you can tell its not designed for much lol. while finishing the build i have been using the pc/touchscreen to watch the videos and sound would be nice lol

I had one of these Dell sound bar speakers left over from a previous monitor and plugged it into one of the mini PC’s USB ports. It worked great. At first I was just plugging it in when I was watching the build videos, but then I decided just to make it a permanent install.
Here it is on Amazon: Dell AC511 USB Wired SoundBar
And a picture of the install.


how do you have enough usb ports? lol I am using the computer they sold, but just bought a hub since i ran out. it only had 3 ports
1 to the touch screen
1 to the cnc
1 to the pendent

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I added a few more USB slots. Works great. Here’s what I used. The machine USB is still connected directly to the mini PC.

SmartQ H302S USB 3.0 Hub for…

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