Some projects the wife wanted

And I wanted to see if I got some test cuts dialed in. I wish steel was free! LOL

Seriously though, after only having the table and torch for a day and a half, I am learning so much. This forum is loaded with great information. I find myself looking stuff up as I’m cutting.

THANK YOU forum members for all the help just in the last few days.




Awesome news… And just think, this is only the beginning!!

Nice projects!! We’re partial to horses and love around here too!! LOL

Yeah we have a small farm, 8 acres. down to 3 horses now. probably won’t go up again, used to be 7.

I love this thing. I just have to get the settings dialed in. The only thing I don’t like is the Everlast sits forever on each transition and the pierce seems so long. but if I slow the pierce delay down it misses the beginning of the cut on every piece.

anyways, I’ll get it figured out one day.

Look at threads on here about changing the pierce delay to miliseconds. Mach 3 has a bug where setting less tha 1 second causes it to ignore the pierce delay. There are a few threads on here about it should be easy to find. Basically you change a setring in mach3 for it to read pierce delay as milliseconds then you set the pierce delay to 1000 for 1 second or 500 for half a second etc and then it works properly

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what about changing the pierce delay in fusion? I’ll look it up. Thanks for the information.

That’s where you change it. The proble. Is mach3 is ignoring your setting if it’s less than 1 second sense the millisecond switch in mach3

Not bad, not bad at all for the time you have had it.

Gunny, your doing great with that machine, keeping the wife happy is #1 with these machines, everything else is just stuff we gotta do!

I think this is the info your looking for, @jamesdhatch came by and switched mine over, makes it work much better!

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Awesome. Thanks. I changed it over and will try it later. I’m hoping I can get good results out of a 800ms pierce delay.