Some are work some are not

I’ve been following the forum and see that some CrossFire Pro owners have theirs up and running but as many as I thought were shipped out on the 1st group I felt that there would of been more activity on the forum talking about the CrossFire Pro in operation. Mine is sitting in a box (3 boxes) and I will be patient and keep using the CF 2x2 table until there’s more of the pro’s out there so I won’t have to work through any issues as the kinks are worked out.
Oh and thanks to those of you with the pro’s who are posting and keep us up to date.

I was planning to jumping on it as soon as I got the last box. Unfortunately, life got in the way and all I’ve been able to do is clear the old table out, open the boxes and verify no damage to the contents. I decided to dimple the drains in the water table so needed to order a new die. Not a big issue because I ended up traveling to Omaha for the week anyway.

Life. :grin: