Solved - Misfire Issues, problem with THC?

I’m having an issue getting through my second or third cut in a program. The first cut usually performs flawlessly, and then on the second cut I usually get a misfire. Airflow is adequate (with capacity to spare), and my consumables are brand new (fewer than 10 pierces in the video). Here are my post process settings.

cut height = 0.06
IHS springback = 0.02
IHS = checked
pierce delay = 0.7
pierce height = .15
retract height = 1
THC = checked

I recorded a video showing what happens when I run a program here

I am seeing live voltage spike over 300 volts when the misfire is triggered which according to the misfire error screen requires further support from Langmuir.

I also verified with a multi-meter that the raw voltage pig tails, banana connectors, etc. are all hooked up correctly.

Your pierce should be .15 unless that’s a misprint.


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What mode of operation is your plasma cutter set for?

It’s automatic retry or something on the everlast I’ll find the exact thing in the manual in a minute.

You could have a plunger sticking issue.

How is your torch mounted?
On the body of the torch?

Running an Everlast 82i. Raw voltage. All the diagnostics for electrical look withing spec.
CNC mode, tip-saver start.

Machine torch is mounted on the Body, in the XR torch mount.

At this point I would start questioning How the consumable pack is installed, if the plunger can run free.

Plunger seems to run free. Plunger has a hard stop about 3-4mm in travel. Everlast 0.9 consumables. Kinda stumped on this one.

When you see a voltage spike to 300V in Firecontrol yet the torch doesnt fire, it means that the plasma cutter itself has misfired and FireControl is preventing the program from executing.

The reason that it shows 300V is because there is voltage potential difference between the electrode in the plasma torch and the positive work clamp (the material) and the THC is measuring it. The problem though is that, for whatever reason, the arc did not fire.

(FWIW, 300V all the time is a sign that the THC has malfunctioned. In this case you mention that it was a 300V spike which i assume after the plasma cutter stops trying to fire it drops back to zero)

Do you get any fault codes from the Hypertherm?

I am not seeing a constant 300 volts, it jumps up to 300 and then once I get the fault in firecontrol it drops back down to zero.

I do not have any faults on the Everlast (not hypertherm unfortunately).

Oh ok, i thought it was a Hypertherm (which usually will send a fault when a misfire happens).

Hard to pinpoint what the exact issue, but I can tell you with confidence that its a plasma cutter misfire. Something there needs to be addressed.

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Talked to Everlast. They had us try jumping pins 1 & 2. Obviously an Everlast issue since the misfires were still occurring as long as post flow is on. One other note - post flow sometimes runs without stopping. Everlast diagnosed both post flow and misfires as a solenoid issue which I believe has shown up on this forum a few times. Everlast is sending out a new solenoid. We’ll see if this solves all the issues.

Note: out of the gate, the Everlast weld instructor blamed Langmuir for the issue (“we get 3 calls a day from Langmuir customers having problems that are Langmuir’s fault”). Pointing fingers is really not cool on their part. Turns out…nope. This is an Everlast issue. Boom.

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Funny that they can’t see that the big picture is : that they sold an extra few thousand machines entirely because of Langmuir’s existence.

Nice way to bite the hand that feeds.

Thanks for the update.


That’s a great perspective @TinWhisperer .

We did the solenoid service (stretched the spring and compressed air on the lower). Seems to work much better now (1 misfire out of 8 pierces). Post flow seems to work too. Not sure how hard it would be to spec a properly sized spring up front … but at least it seems like we’re on the right track.

Everlast Solenoid Service Guide.pdf (513.9 KB)

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I started having misfiring problems with my Everlast and stretching out the spring in the solenoid cured the problem. Time will tell how long that fix lasts.

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The air solenoid on all plasma cutters will start having problems about 6 months of use on a CNC table if used daily, Even Hypertherm recommends replacing it every 6 months.

Interesting insight on the solenoids. Good to know.

We’re about 2 days on test cuts - have chewed up about 10% of a 2’ x 5’ sheet of 16 gauge. I’ll go back to … maybe supply the right spring with the machine for starters. But hey - once it cuts it cuts well. We saved a lot over a Hypertherm and putting this in perspective not a huge issue.

Update 1/6: Everlast sent the wrong solenoid. They will resend us the right one. Even after the “solenoid service” process, we’re still getting misfires that seem related to the “lazy” issue. Not all that happy with customer service. In fairness, commercial machines just don’t work like buying a TV from Costco…get it. But the immediate reply that it must be Langmuir’s fault, the finger pointing and denial until really pushed is kind of a drag.

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I tried the 50amp everlast plasma years ago, absolutely zero positive things to say, I had to send it back. I would blow out consumables withing 20 pierces. I even tried the better ones you can get (I think a guy on here offered them). Anyway, I used to still get alot of misfires with hypertherm, Iv had alot of posts on here about it. But I average 2500-3500 pierces and thousands of inches of cut on a set of consumables ranging from 11g-1/4 mild steel. Today I made 1200 pierces and zero misfires. Consumables were at 800 pierces when I started and my desiccant was used maybe two days. I been running my xp65 for over two years very heavy. No solenoid issues, but good to know.

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I just ordered a Hypertherm 85 CNC. In stock, great price, free shipping and will go out today. We’ll get the solenoid issue fixed on the Everlast (they sent the wrong part…resending the right one) and then sell it with 2 hours of total machine time and a nice assortment of consumables. Tired of fighting this thing - we have a business to run.

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You will realize in about 5 minutes how much better the Hypertherm is. I get the copper plus electrodes, they last longer than the regular ones. The 85 is a powerful unit, heck even the 45 amp is a beast.

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Thanks for the encouragement. The 85 tops out our capabilities in the current shop (the XR, practical limits on electrical). As much future proofing as we can afford.