Solidworks post processing?

Our mr1 mill is set to be delivered next week and I’m looking forward to setting it up and getting it running. It will take a few weeks as i bounce between projects but i need to sort out what to present to the boss for generating the code. Im using sheetcam for our crossfire pro, and am happy with it although if i could consolidate it into one software that would be good. Everyone in the office uses solidworks for design, and it was discussed and set up for prototype needs and lead times to try and move some of this in house, hence the table and MR1.

Looking through the forums here i’m not really seeing a clear answer? I dont think moving backwards to f360 is an option. Anyone using solidworks id love to hear what your doing.

I have a suspicion that HSMWorks (from Autodesk for Solidworks) would allow the MR1 / CutControl post processor to be used. HSMWorks “appears” to be driven from the same engine as Inventor HSM and Fusion’s CAM engine.

(No 1st hand knowledge. I switched from Solidworks to Inventor several years ago…)

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We got ours set up and running a couple of weeks ago and have been using the SOLIDWORKS post processor and not had any significant issues, other than the current issue I am having getting the option enabled to use long code format for drilling holes as opposed to the canned cycles. If you have any specific questions I can share why feedback I may have.

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I use the HSMWorks plugin for Solidworks and the F360 post provided by Langmuir seems to work ok with it. No complaints. I’ve also started dabbling with the Langmuir post and Solidworks Solidcam. That also seems to work ok too but I have haven’t done much with it yet so take what I say with a grain of salt. I think think both are pretty decent options.