SolidCam Post Processor - solved


I’m curious how well the MR1 works with Solidcam out of the box. Will I have to request a post processor from my SolidCAM service team or has this been done before and more or less straight forward?


Post process for Solidworks should be coming soon.

Does anyone at Langmuir have an estimate on when the post processor for SolidCam will be available? It has said coming soon on the downloads page for a few months.

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Let me check on this.


Is there any update on this? With my machine expected to ship in Feb, its going to be pretty important for me within a couple months.

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Does anyone know of a general post processor you can download? I use Madcam and I am not sure if/how to get this library without actually loading Fusion. Could a guy load this library from what Langmuir has in downloads and load it into a different cam file? Sorry but I am a little confused on this.
Also does Sheetcam have the post processing for MR1

Where you able to find anything out on this Daniel? We are in the process of assembling our machine and hoping to have a solidworks post processor by the time we are ready to start machining.

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Just checked with the team and we have tested/approved our solidworks post processor and will be uploading it to the site shortly.


Is this something that is compatible with the plasma tables as well or are there any plans to support that?