Software downloads

Hello waiting on my crossfire pro to be delivered in the meantime I am planning on using firecontrol and sheetcam and THC…
I know I need to download the firecontrol and purchase the sheetcam
are there any other files I need that go along with the firecontol, THC, Sheetcam
I am new to this please take it easy on me lol

Welcome to the darkside.

You can’t play with Firecontrol until your table and electronics enclosure is set up, but you can read about it here:

Same goes for the THC. Read about it here:

Sheetcam, you can download and play with prior to buying the license. Watch YouTube videos and learn as much as you can prior to needing to cut anything.


You are going to need a design program. Whatever works for you, there are many. Make sure it exports .dxf or .svg files for sheetcam. A lot of people use Fusion 360 and/or Inkscape both free.