SoCal (San Diego) MR-1 Demo


I’m looking for someone locally who has a MR-1 up and running who could do a demo for me. I would like to see the machine run one of our parts to get an accurate run time to make sure it’s a good fit. We currently operate on all Haas machines but it’s overkill for what we do.
All of our parts are 3003 Aluminum and engraved to 0.030" depth. I can supply the material and pay for your time.

Thank you all in advance.

are you just engraving those and thats it? if so a super basic cnc router would work

Correct, we are just engraving. We do occasional tooling work which is why I want something along the lines of the MR-1.

Anyone out there local and able to help?

Hello, I’m nearing completion on my MR1 build and am in the San Diego area.

Happy to help once I’m fully up and running.

That would be great! Please keep me posted!