SMW Modvise (needed more letters for stupid forum rules)

maybe be a stupid question… but since its not on the LS store site anymore, can anyone tell me if when you ordered it with your machine, was the baseplate for the mod vises a separate item you were suppose to add to the cart? I got the single station set but I only have the actual vises and nothing to bolt them to. thanks. (the invoice isn’t specific enough to explain this, I already checked)

(needed more letters for stupid forum rules) because SMW Modvise wasnt LONG ENOUGH :roll_eyes:


Yea there should have been a vise base plate. Just looked and no SWM vise parts on Langmuir site. How ever Saunders does still have the base plate for the MR-1 listed on their website! Search: 3 results found for "Langmuir" – Saunders Machine Works*

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You specifically should have received this kit:

You need the baseplate from the kit, the mounting pattern of the MR-1 baseplate won’t allow you to bolt the modvise to it.

I’ve had good luck with the SMW Modvise, I wish I had 1 or 2 more of them.

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ok. so I never got the base plate. this should be fun.

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is Jake no longer there? I emailed support without an answer

Hey there, Jake is 100% still with Langmuir but is on parental leave this week as his wife just had a baby. We have trained up another tech @Langmuir-Johnny to be able to help with MR-1 support requests. We apologize for the delayed responses this week.


Congratulations to Jake and family.

awesome! congrats Jake!!! thanks for the update.