Smart Water Table Pump Hack Voice Controlled!


So I’m anxiously awaiting my CrossFire PRO to ship and wanted to make a way to pump my table out and refill it. As you know time is money and convenience is always nice. I decided to make a Voice controlled + Phone app + RF remote setup. It was stupid easy and didn’t cost all that much. Below is how I did it. This will work with any 12-24 V DC pump. There is a 120V AC option also, but i have a 12V pump, so that’s what I used.

Functions of the smart power supply:

Voice command “Alexa turn on pump” or “Alexa turn off pump”. (Will work with Apple and Google)

Phone control: I’m using my alexa app. Will work from anywhere in the world. So if you need to fill your table before you get to the shop, just activate it on the app.

RF Remote: the remote is wireless and mounts in any normal decora style coverplate. RF range ive tested is 100 feet.

Parts I used:

13 Gallon Recovery Tank off Amazon

3/8 hose. (For the test I used air hose I had.)

2 Bar Drains for the Plasma table pan.

12V Pump

Task WAV 60W Smart power supply. (It is UL listed)

Miscellaneous fittins and clamps.

When I actually get my table I may use pex fitings.
I’ll update later.

It is so awesome!


lets see it in action!!

how does it know to stop the pump when there is no more water left to pump?

I posted a video on my Instagram @gp_race-works

You can set up a schedule in alexa to turn it on and off after a set amount of time. Otherwise it will just recirculate the fluid until you turn it off. You will need to have an overflow similar to a bathroom sink setup on the water table. Super easy to do.

Here is a screenshot of the app. I named it Plasma Pump.

Well, the whole house here is setup that way, we have not touched a wall-switch in three years, I mean everything, including the pool pump and the compressor. LOL! Don’t think I will do my water-table flood pump though LOL!

VERY NICE though!

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Nice. I’m excited to see what you keep coming up with. I devoted all my pre delivery time to building a little loft in my garage so I can still fit two cars in my garage. Lol

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Who wants to take a stab and decipher what im try to accomplish here?

Looks like a water table drain & fill system.

What’s the container? Mine is a polypro tank for spray systems but its side rigidity isn’t what I expected.


That’s the t-1600 RV water tank. Same one I got.

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Hmmm…mine is bulging from the water.

Or maybe the air. I don’t think I had the vent closed but I will need to check now :blush:

If it had wheels on it I’d say it was a crowd dispersal robot. However, without wheels, I think it’s one way to try to electrocute someone leaning on your plasma table.


I’m going to try to attempt to fill and empty via the 2 drains in the pan. This should suck the fluid out and push it back through the drains. We shall see how this pump holds up.

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Suction will be helpful since those drains are so small. 1” pvc flanges are just right for gravity.

I melted the “boss fitting” closed on mine. Sealed up nicely.

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Well, the pump works! I’m not going to say great because it takes 9-1/2 minutes to fill / drain it with the pump I got off Amazon. Other than that its great!