Small upgrade for TouchProbe

I printed a couple holders for the touch probe cable and the probe itself. They seem to hold up very well and it limits the flopping of the cable and the handling of the probe. The cable mount is just a snap fit for the end and it bolts right to the top of the spindle in an unused hole.
If anyone is interested I don’t care to print some out and send just cover the shipping. If you have any other great ideas to change them or good additions let me know.


The probe is pretty light, so I ended up making a holder that lives on the spindle itself. That way it can always stay connected.


That’s a nice solution!

Thats awesome. I thought about that as well but I was a little hesitant about it having all that vibration introduced. I am not sure it would hurt it but I am a bit gun shy with all the issues I have had. How long have you had that like that? I assume you just leave that plugged in?

I think it’s been up there like that for a month. Before that I just had it rested up there (with the stock going down into the cable hole) – and that also worked.

I do get an audible vibration from the probe during heavy cuts and could solve that with a little layer of foam or rubber.

This is the Touch Probe holder I made. Probe tip down to keep chips and coolant out of it.
Also made a Probe tip cover to protect. Holder also has foam to isolate it electrically and vibration.