Small Personal Victory!

With me going full time self employed this year my pro has sat in the box since March. Now I’m forcing myself to spend a little bit of time on this stuff every week. So I have gotten my pro set up and almost ready to cut. In the mean time I have been playing with drawings and what not trying to figure this side of things out. (did this some before but focusing on my business I didn’t have time for it and forgotten quite a bit) So I bought sink drains to put in the water table. I read where I could use this fancy cnc thingy I bought to cut the holes in the water table. So I knew I needed a 2.250 hole but didn’t know how to locate it for the center of each half of the table and after some thinking, over thinking and some more smoke coming out of my ears thinking, it hit me. I drew a 6X6 square and my hole in the center of it. I lined up my torch (by eyeball) with the existing hole in the table, then I moved the head 3X3 and zero the machine again. Ran a test and by eyeballing it, Its dam close. I’m sure there’s an easier way to do this but I didn’t want to be the one asking every time how to do something. Plus I get the "hell yea I did it’ feeling.


Well played sir !!!

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