Slow cut with sheetcam post process

I have a sheet to cut out that is 0.375" thick. According to the charts my cutter (HF) needs to be set at 45 amps with a cut speed of 12-14 ipm. Slow. My plasma is rated 5 minutes cut/5 minutes rest at 45 amps. My question. Does the torch quit at about 5 minutes but the cutting movement keep going? I’m thinking the remedy may be to isolate one part at a time in sheetcam. I imported a .dxf file that contains many parts. Is it possible to separate each part from that file? Thanks!!

You can do layers in sheetcam … Heres how to do them… Multiple Operations in SheetCAM - YouTube

Your torch will shut off whenever it hits the duty cycle, which may or may not be the 50% that is advertised. The Pro will stop if the torch stops firing, but I don’t think that is the case for the Crossfire without THC, since there is no way for the controller to know if there is voltage from the torch.

At 12IPM, you can cut 60 inches in 5 minutes of continuous cutting. You could program in a pause after each cut loop in Sheetcam. Its in the the tool settings near the bottom “pause at end of cut”

In Sheetcam, you can use the “edit contours” tool to move the parts to a different layer and set up a cutting operation for just that layer.

For example, if your file has 20 parts in it, you would import the drawing and then click on the “edit contours” tool. It looks like a red box with a cursor arrow in the lower right corner. You can right click on the lines or drag a box around the part, then right click and select “move to layer” and select “new layer”. Then set up a jet cutting operation and select the new layer to only cut that part.

You could also do the same type of thing by using that tool and selecting “move to part” and selecting “new part”. You can then set up a jet cutting operation for that part.

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