Slat assembly and water tray Maintenance

Removing slat assembly for cleaning
Here is an easy way to lift the slat assembly out of the water tray. Drill and tap holes for a ¼ inch pan head bolt in each of the “A” shaped cross members. (Make sure they are centered on the length of the piece) Secure them with a nut on the underside. Cut two handles out of some 16ga scrap metal and bend the ends and handles in a vise. These will hook onto the bolt heads and lift the whole assembly out for cleaning without falling apart.

I will post the DXF for these handles in FileShare. Search for “Slat Lifter”.



great practical solution. Now you’re making me think I should clean the table :slight_smile:

Thats really cool! :ok_hand:

Correction to my original post.
I mentioned 16ga metal and it was suppose to be 26ga. (sorry for the typo) Actually, any thin sheet metal will do.
I used the side panels out of an old file cabinet. Junk file cabinets are cheap and easy to come by. They are a great source for scrap sheet metal to make practice cuts.

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I just love this forum - awesome idea brother!

Great idea, i’ll be getting this file when its there.

Thanks for sharing.

I just posted a remix of this project. I nested the DXF and ran CAM for 26ga on my Hypertherm.

Thank you for coming up with the idea and design!

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