Sketch Checker?

Is sketch checker for fusion 360 still a thing? I just designed a sign for a friend and the outer contour is incomplete. Even after extruding I still can not select it. Im just tired of looking for breaks haha. Heres the file if anyone wants to look
Studio Sign.dxf (79.3 KB)

If you turn ON show points you can locate errors easier.

Black dots are along a path.

White dots are the end of a path.

Zoom in on the white dots and make the repairs

The Extent tool and the trim tool are two of my favorites to repair a sketch with.

Here is the repaired DXF

Boogie Zone.dxf (78.0 KB)


Thank you! Im wondering if i have a setting wrong because on my original drawing i only had 1 white point and 5 black. Seems like every other drawing i make i run into something haha