Shipping of fully assembled mill

I ordered my MR1 with full assembly because there is no way this winter Ill have time to assemble it myself. I have two options for shipping. I can have it shipped to my work and we can unload it with our fork truck and load it on to my trailer fine.

Either that or I can have it delivered to my house with lift gate service (I assume) for more money (again I assume)

Does anyone see an issue with unloading this from my trailer without a fork truck? I have a 2 post lift that I’m thinking I could use to lift it and pull the trailer out from under it, and then I have an electric lift cart I could use to move it around.

Has anyone taken delivery of the fully assembled mill yet? How does it come? Is this feasible plan, or is it worth having the mill delivered to my house the best way?

Not sure about fully assembled, but my shipping to los angeles was like $450 for commercial non liftgate service or $620 for lift gate, unless you are remote I cant see the lift gate service costing much more, depending how its palletized you still may need your 2 post lift to get it off the pallet if you get lift gate service. Lift cart is a great idea but would maybe suggest using some 2x4’s or 4X4’s to support more area under the machine than just the center. Shouldnt be a huge problem using the lift but would measure between your lift points to see if the arms will extend enough to reach under the machine. You’d need roughly 44" or less between centers of jack pads or use some heavy timber under the machine to the pads if they are too far apart.


Thats not a huge difference in price to save a lot of hassle/risk. I guess ill wait for when it ships in (hopefully a few weeks) and what the price difference is.