Sheetcam setup question

i didnt get the pic give me a minute to fix this.

I’m setting up sheetcam and have a question i’m not sure what to set these 2 sections at. Does anyone know?
I have a pro table with THC.


Everything looks good. Only thing is to match your design programs parameters for inches or metric.

On the machine type tab towards the bottom, its have a value for material thickness or something like that, make sure that’s set to 0.

thanks i went back to it and it disappeared!!! I attached the pic.
also is tap correct?

TAP file is ok. for post processor, just pull down on the arrow and you should get a list. find the langmuir PP you had before.

ok thanks ill go look for it, i didnt have to choose it before it was just there! LOL

ok i hope this will be my last question!
is this table size or metal size?
what about coordinates?

Thats metal size the next tab is table size.

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thanks so i do fill out coordinates also?

I didn’t on mine

ok thanks when i get the the last tab do i enter or click anything?

is there anything i need to do after setting these tabs up?
or is sheetcam ready to go?

you still have to set up your toolsets for each type of material your using.

CRAP! this is quite the learning curve!
is their instructions on how to do do the tool set up step by step? better yet instructions on setting up sheetcam from the start. it would probably answer all my questions.

OH do i have to install the sheetcam license?? or did it already do it automatically?

watch the arclight dynamics videos on YT. a lil old but stlll informative. Yes you still have to install the license.

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ok i just printed them! but when i get to the install licence i cant find it! where the heck is it?

should be in the help or about section

ok i found it and copied it to the clipboard but when i go to install i get this, I’m not sure what i’m doing wrong. I’m new to windows so that does not help!

ETA got it installed!

got it installed!!!

Can anyone tell me how do i install the tools? where do i find them?

Hey Joe!!

So, you will want to set up tools based on the type of material / Amperage you’re cutting at / Thickness of material / Etc Etc… You will probably go in and adjust from your initial settings after doing some test runs and tweeking a little here and there as you go. (No problem to edit a tool once it’s been created)

Here’s a link to an older video but, I think it’s all still relevant.

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