Sheetcam setup question

Ok thank you, that should be easy to do. Just so I’m clear, there is no folder in the sheetcam that has them all correct?

Correct Joe… Considering all the variables, everyone will end up with slightly different tools… There are good starting points however… Do a search here on the forum for “cut chart”. You will have a night full of research ahead of you!! :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

Seems to me there is a Hypertherm tool list that is copy-able and paste-able to SheetCAM but couldn’t find it right away tonight…

Long story short, just find some settings for some scrap you want to test with and see how they work out… Adjust from there. Eventually, you will find that as you move to another material or thickness you will have a pretty good feel for what you will need to change in order to get a nice cut. Then, you create another tool for the new material…and so on…and so on…

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Hey Bill,
Thanks a lot.I’ll check for cut charts. I have done a lot of test cuts and have a good idea of settings. There has been a lot of nights of researching and probably a lot more to come.

Thanks again

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