Sheetcam or fusion 360

if i have fusion 360 do i still needto install sheetcam

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You can do all your CAD computer aided drafting and all your CAM computer aided machining in fusion 360.

From there you’ll export a NC file to firecontrol.
Fire control will load a NC or TAP file for your table to run.

And @TinWhisperer will show you how. (he’s the only one who knows - mainly because he has all the manuals!)

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i have fusion 360 i did all the post processors setup but cant convert svg or dfx files this is all new to me just a welder and fabricator.i bought this setup hoping to make life easer.

i have fusion 360 did all the post processors setup but cant convert svg or dxf files.i am new to the cad cam world.just a welder fabricator.ami missing something on setup

Langmuir has a couple links on software workflow.

I’ve also started putting together a small series of videos to make fusion 360

On YouTube( product design online )also has a very good series of tutorial videos on fusion 360.

The software is going to be the most challenging part of your Langmuir journey.
Definitely going to be some time commitment involved.
Best to start with some very basic projects and move them all the way through the workflow and then start making more and more complex projects from there.