Sheetcam Center punch for holes?

Has anybody used the center punch tool in sheetcam ? How do you set it up to do ? And do you pick the holes you drawed in Fusion or do you need to draw a centerpoint in Fusion ? HELP ?? CONFUSED ??

there are a few videos on YT on how to set it up. i followed arclight dynamics video. pretty easy to set up.

once you load your design in sheetcam, you put the holes on it’s own layer and use the drill/centerpunch tool on the first layer then the rest of the design on the second.

I gave it a try after seeing the arc light dynamics videos. They use a different version of Sheetcam in the videos (older probably) so I couldn’t follow the videos exactly step by step I found. Pretty much what @nicaDd said though.

Took some playing around and tweaking but worked through it. I’ve only used it a couple of times but if I remember correctly the initial mark had a little bit longer duration than the rest of them so I had to dial that in. And on initial import of your file you need to choose “Use points for drilling”