Sheetcam 0 size files, what am i doing wrong?

??? This one I dont get.

are you saying this is not normal for one little beer cap remover?:sunglasses:

Sheet metal leavins. I made a few of those in the beginning… And still acasionally do.

:sunglasses: I bet it wont be my last one.

Oh oh, you’re really going off the deep end now! I can count on one hand the people I know who have actually programmed in 360 Assembly language (some of them were smart, some, not so)! AND I have seen programmers of virtually every flavor! (Try entering machine code, one word at a time, lying on your back on the floor, flipping sixteen switches at a time, at 2AM!)
Ok, back to reality, yeah, Plasma cutters don’t use the whole G-Code vocabulary so you don’t need to know much, but, knowing some basics really is handy.

Also, I suggest that you follow Professor Hatch’s (AKA @jamesdhatch) advice! It’s been very useful to me!

DAGS it… (adding characters to make forum police happy)

See you one and raise you one… entering patch code from level 3 on a 3705, using the program dials and hitting load after each instruction entered, and yes around 2am, Sev One, Crit sit… but at least not laying on the floor. Only 8 dials if I remember right.
Anyone else not knowing what we are talking about, you dont want to know, this is really OLD stuff :sunglasses:

yes, @jamesdhatch is the best, why this little project is kicking my butt, no idea - but Im going to eventually figure it out, with Professor Hatch’s help of course.

Octal bootloader entry on a PDP-11 control panel :slight_smile: Although that was in high school.

So, it looks like the Mach3/Sheetcam time issue. I uploaded a customized Sheetcam post-processor that takes care of the Sheetcam post issue - it doesn’t handle sub-seconds correctly so you use Mach3’s ms mode but then Sheetcam doesn’t do the math to do ms correctly. I created a post-processor that fixes that. But there’s also a handy easy hack that you can do in Sheetcam’s default setup by telling it that it’s seconds but entering the ms value. Sheetcam will see 1000 “seconds” and set the G-code G04 P1000 (pierce delay) which Mach3 will see as ms and will delay for 1 second instead of 1000 seconds (which is what Sheetcam thinks you asked it).

You want to do this becase anything under 1 second (say .5 seconds) Sheetcam doesn’t translate to the proper value and treats it as 1 second so you can’t get 1/2 second pierce delays.

Check out this post for a fuller explanation.

If you want to try the cutomized post-processor it’s in a post further down that thread. But if you use the hack that’s just a bit of mental math - specify your values in ms (but tell Sheetcam they’re seconds) and you’ll be good & not need to go down the custom post-processor rabbit hole :slight_smile:


Thanks, Ill read tomorrow when my mind recovers, going back and watching Sheetcam youtubes, they are making more sense now.

Back with more results, getting better. I did a lot of researching, understanding everything much better, and even editing G code to try fixes.
Here is my current “B”

Here is the result

Feeling much better, only issue left is the bottom of the B cut off since the torch stays on as it crosses over to the bar on the B.
I’ve tried M05 (several) and torch stays on.
Here is the code section where the cross over is, I added a M30 to make sure I was in the right spot to the M05 at 660

You can add a delay after torch off. I scrolled up to look at earlier photos and it’s called Pause after cut, on the bottom of the tool settings (its the flip side of pierce delay). I would use at least 200mS, go with something obvious to start (like 1000mS) though, it won’t hurt anything but slow down the overall job time.

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Keep learning the CAM programming, these guys are giving you great advice.

But looking at the condition of the nozzle you were using (even though the picture is blurry), the excessive heat soak/discoloring to the metal, and excessive top dross, I’d say you’ve got some other problems as well. Can you share your complete set up? Compressor, filters and dryers, etc. Any clear pictures of your electrodes and nozzles?

I just noticed that you have Z moves in your G-Code, but you have a CrossFire right (not a Pro)? This doesn’t have a Z axis, but Mach is being told to move Z (which could stall your torch). You should be using a different Post processor in SheetCam. You should use “Mach 3 No Z”. I’ll bet that’s creating all kinds of interesting effects!

I should add that I agree with @OffRoadDevilDog, he’ll be able to help analyze your torch condition if you provide the pics.

Are you running a Razor Weld? Do you have it set for 2T?

I’ll go try the delay, good idea.
I was wondering about the Z axis, did not understand why, I had commented out the very last Z call, thinking it was burning while trying to move the torch. I’ll got find that post processor and try it.

I was actually impressed with the quality of this one, sad right ?:sunglasses:
New machine, just put in a new nozzle (package in pictures above).
Compressor is weak, 2 hp, 21gal, 4.7cfm. Just ordered a dryer, right now just have a small desiccant inline filter.
I was holding off spending more money on a dryer setup and better compressor until I thought I could get this to work.
I’ll get some more pictures tomorrow.

I just looked, I was running 4T, just read about 2T, that could be part of my problem! Razorweld cut 45.

I can’t thank you guys enough, I was ready to sell it a week ago, and now I’m starting to think I can actually cut something cool !

Yep. But you’re not the first. 2T should solve your problem with the cut between the two parts of the B,

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Success! 2T solved the torch staying on, saw very definate stops and starts.
Changed post processor, no more Z code.

Directly off the table, no cleaning.

Im gonna try a new shape now,
THANKS everyone!!!

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Good to hear. Have fun now and don’t forget to grab food sometime :wink:

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Or a beer now that you have an opener!
Good persistence, often the secret to success!

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Looks a lot better! Congratulations. You’ll get better lines and no top dross with fresh consumables and adequate air but you’re improving and learning. That’s all we can ask for in the beginning.