Shape cutting library

I would really love a 2 & 3 bolt hole exhaust flange shape added to this!

Has anyone ever added their own shape options to this library?

Sheetcam is for preparing your gcode file for cutting, not designing a part.

hold on @SWomack …Sheetcam has a small section of pre designed parts…the Library…

very handy at times


Sounds like you’ve never used sheetcam or if you do don’t know about the feature.

They offer a nice shape menu to generate different shapes, brackets, round flanges , gussets etc. fill in some dimensions and it’s generated for you all you do is run your g code and it’s sparks time.

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a little harsh…just a little

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I 100% disagree with you because I wrote it. lol

I use it all the time but the three hole flange might be more complex than the library allows. Email SheetCam’s creator and ask him. He’s been on here before…

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I use BendTec software to create shapes and then send to sheet Cam to create tap file. I have also used the shape library in sheet Cam very easy to use.

I’ve tried their forum but they never send an activation email (tried 3 different emails / usernames) so I can’t log in to post a request.

He’s in England so it might be a bit before he replies…

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OR a @LesNewell

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I assume you are talking about this sort of thing
The maths is a little tricky but I’ll see what I can do.
Do you need slotted holes? It makes things a bit more complicated to do that.


Hey thanks for the reply - those are what i’m talking about. The holes do not need to be slotted in the flange - they’re only slotted on the gaskets.

Appreciate the reply and help!

Before i’m corrected sometimes they’re slotted in the flange but we’re fixing junk impalas and fords here not making rockets. lol

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IMO, this kind of thing is a specialty item that can easily be addressed with a CAD add-on or extension rather than being built into a CAM tool. This becomes a slippery slope once you start in this direction.

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I had to make one of these for a neighbor, some crack head stole his catylist converter. He literally couldn’t find one to buy.

The problem I see like this one the holes are not centered around the center hole.


OK, the next development release will have 2 and 3 bolt flanges with round holes or slots. It will be in the ‘Specialty shapes’ section.
The ‘Rectangle multiple holes’ shape can already be used for 4 bolt flanges.
Looking at the flange @Phillipw just posted, the new flange shape wouldn’t be able to make that flange because the holes aren’t evenly spaced. Does anyone know if this is a common pattern?

@Ladarian I checked on the SheetCam forum and I see you registered with a Yahoo email. For some reason Yahoo blocks the registration emails. I have activated your account.

@TomWS I think the shape plugin can be useful when you just quickly need to bash out some simple brackets etc. It’s not intended to be a replacement for CAD.


@LesNewell that was for a ford explorer not sure if any other car maker does this. I unfortunately had do do trial and error i cut piece out of 14 ga for a test cut. I had to go back and do a little tweaking to get it right before cutting the real deal

I think you’ll find on 3 bolt flanges that the 3 holes are all on the same “Circle” like this:

And yes they are fairly common on 3 bolt flanges.

Thanks for adding me to the forums and for setting this up - it’s something I will use every day at work!

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Slippery slope? I’d rather 6 click and cut with sheetcam rather than buy some overpriced CAD software if possible.

your right they may be on the same circle but offset from the center that is why your drawing has slotted holes.

well the one posted wasn’t and they are directional when put on the vehicle

the problem is are they all on the same offset