Shape cutting library

What you would ‘rather’ do and what’s good for a very good quality CAM product are not necessarily the same thing. Products that lose sight of their expertise and roles often end up in the trash heap.


So it’s ok for CAD programs to do some CAM things but CAM programs can’t offer a simple shape menu?

Find another post to argue in please.

Who knows maybe one day sheetcam will add enough features it will be a stand alone option like fusion 360.Pretty awesome Les is adding this feature for you.

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It’s great that he’s willing to do it for sure. It’s a game changer for shops doing exhaust fix work on a time schedule.

Sorry, this is an open forum and my post was on topic. Deal with it.


Was this added in SheetCAM 7.x? Never heard of shape library.

Shape library has been there for the 2 years I’ve had a license. Hover over the buttons on the toolbar, you’ll find it

Wow, my copy is really that old. I upgraded my CAD station to the current version and its there now. I have an unlicensed copy on this machine that is a handy tool to check out files to see how clean they are. My licensed copy is on my Firecontrol PC.

@TomWS It’s against the license terms to use multiple copies of the license. It can also cause the license to stop working.

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My mistake, I’ve removed the statement.

Is there a reference for properly migrating a license? I don’t need two licensed copies but I will have to move my SheetCAM to a new machine since Firecontrol 21.1.5 won’t work with my antique Dell Vostro. (21.1.5 is needed for the limit switch option that is coming and even the “compatible” version won’t run on this machine) Still working on finding a replacement laptop.

in Sheetcam under the Help tab there is another tab for moving license to another computer


While you are at it, save your tool set (File->save tool set as) then load that tools file into your new copy of SheetCam. Now select File->Save default toolset. That transfers your tool set to the new copy.


Just as an update - the flange shape tool has saved me so much time at the shop fixing exhaust! Thanks again for adding it in such short order.


New question I’m trying to use the shape library I pick the four hole flange it put it on screen but then if go to edit contours or any other operation the part it disappears ?

Did you “add to current part” when you finished entering your dimensions?

Yeah got it figured out Les from Sheet cam replied and told me what I was doing wrong. Im a liitle green in this software.
Thanks for the reply

Please tell us what the fix was, that way people can learn from this post.


…as a side note to this, McMaster Carr has CAD files for just about every part the sell.

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And, if you are a Fusion 360 user, you can simply load any of them in as a component as you build an assembly with one click (plus the Search within MC’s catalog).