Severing those last few millimeters

After a lot of “learning” (screwing up), I have my Crossfire Pro w/THC and PrimeWeld CUT60 cutting pretty well.

EXCEPT for the last few millimeters of every cut. Whether I’m cutting with or without a lead out, the arc stops severing as it approaches the start of the cut. At best this is annoying; at worst it can be a real pain to finish cutting the piece out by some alternative method.

I’m cutting 14ga at 30 amps traveling 2550 mm/min (just shy of 100ipm). Going much faster or slower makes more dross.

I have a suspicion that turning off the THC or slowing the cut down in those last few millimeters would keep the arc severing and make a drop cut.

I see SheetCam can create rules to do either of these things, but I’m using Fusion360. Does anyone know how to do that in Fusion, or have any other suggestions to finish the severing cut?

This option is here in Fusion 360 the “finishing Overlap” box in 2D profile menu in the passes tab.
This is a recent update to F360.