Razor weld 45 cut problems

I’m having a problem with my cuts where it will lead in cut around a part but not full cut up to where it lead in. Creating a nub on a lot of holes and nearly every outside line. Please help?!

Using Ptm-60 torch, cutting 1/8” at 45amps, 52 IPM, 90 psi at compressor, .6 cut height, .15 pierce height, .5 pierce delay, .1mm tip, lead in distance 0, lead in radius 90, lead in width .1

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It would help to know which CAM tool you’re using, and the settings for the cuts.

EDIT: Removed stupid question about what type of Plasma Cutter… duh! :roll_eyes:

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Yeah sorry I forgot to put that and edited it. I’m also using fusion.

Ok, probably @TinWhisperer or another Fusion expert can help with that. I have no idea what Lead In Width is…

You’ll want to be using a “finishing overlap” when producing your tool paths in the manufacturing workspace

“Finishing overlap” is located in the 2D contour menu the link above will give you a visual cue to the location.


I think it’s just a misprint. there’s only lead in lengths and lead in radii .the width would be solely dependent on the kerf.

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Sorry I’m pretty new to the terms but I just remember where things are in the program, I will definitely check out finishing overlap. Thank you!

That’s definitely my problem them now that I’m looking at the program, that’s what I had set to 0 and I had the distance at .1 for some reason I thought it was something else so that’s why I said width.

What’s a good number to start with?

Default lead in length is .19*** as long as it cuts out the geometry you want without making a bite in your material it should be good. you could leave it at default unless it’s too long for smaller openings and those contours end up getting discarded then start reducing the size so it’ll calculate the tool paths for smaller openings.

Once your past your basic user probation on this forum you should be able to post your *.f3d file.
Which will not only give me the geometry you’re trying to do but all the settings so I can look through it or someone else could look through it.

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And now that we got that out of the way, where are you in Carolina? I’m in central NC, Pittsboro.

Not currently but im from Asheville.