Severe bevel on cuts

don’t know whats going on… when I first started cutting I cut 3/16" and 1/4"steel like butter…but now when I cut any parts out, I get severe bevel . the only thing ive changed is my compressor. ive upgraded from a 20 gallon to a 60 gallon. any help would be appreciated

Is the bevel to one side of the part? (top or bottom)/
check the torch for squareness
torch might have been bumped inadvertently
also, what psi are you running?

its straight and 90 psi

yes its to one side changed tips aligned machine nut nothin

My money is on an angled torch. I think there was a link on here somewhere but I cant seem to find it about squaring up your torch. Its something that changes constantly with consumables being swapped out. Unless you have a machine torch.
How are you squaring off your torch to the table? Also , double check to see if your gantry (X) is level. Mine was like that at first and as much as I tried to square the torch , it was constantly cutting thicker metal to one side …until I fixed the gantry.
Hopefully somebody else can chime in. I know its frustrating to get everything ready, designed, and cut only to find out you have a small bevel on your piece .

possibly swirl ring reversed? I wish they were marked.

Swirl ring?? Don’t know what that is…

Check the torch and is square… I adjusted my x gantry cause the torch was higher on the outside.

any improvements?

The Swirl ring is a brownish ring that goes around the electrode and rests against the tip inside the nozzle. It has to be oriented in a certain direction… you have a 50/50 chance of getting it right. lol I get it wrong sometimes and it does affect your cuts for sure. Here is a great video that a member posted. Very informative Plasma consumables, maintenance and such. Video inside

swirl ring info is @3:18 in video. May be the issue

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Have you tried a new plasma cutter tip? My problems with bevel cuts have always been from tip wear. An almost imperceptible defect can cause a lot of issues. 90 psi sounds high for most plasma cutters without internal regulation.

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