Plasma consumables, maintenance and such. Video inside

So I been wanting to make a quick video for a long time but i’m really camera shy. I get all nervous and flutter my words and can’t even face a camera or take a selfie. But I made this quick video that I’m hoping helps some of you guys out there with some general overview of parts, consumables, and basic troubleshooting stuff.
Let me know what you guys think and if I should do more. Don’t be afraid to be honest, if it sucks tell me. I got thick skin. I did this all in one shot on my iphone xr since that’s all i have.
If you liked it, what else would you want to see.


Great Video!
Thank you very much… Lots of good info.


Great stuff! Good to know the what, when and why of consumables.

That was great! I’ve made a few videos and did a lot of “ummm” and “Uhhh”. Had to go back and insert new narration over my original speaking. Great information too. Thanks!

Great video! This is all new to me and I am trying to learn all I can before I purchase one.(complete setup)