Setup in Shop Suggestions

Hi There,
Hoping to order a Crossfire Pro this year. Hobby fabricator/machinist/welder.
Any input on floor space requirements for the setup, clearance around table, are corners or against walls a no…no?
I understand it can be messy, but used to walking on metal chips and cleanup after.
Any comments appreciated to help me plan placement options in the shop.

glad to meet you…
if you look around the forum people have posted pictures of their shops and setup…the basic footprint of the pro needs around 6" to 12" around the sides…but if you put wheels on it you can roll it anywhere…helps for cleaning and maintenance…
these tables do require a bit more attention for cleaning due to the exposed tracks and stuff so consider that.

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If you do put wheels on you’ll want to be able to drain easily, otherwise you’ll get a tsumani when you move it.

I have the ‘back’ side nearly against a wall, which I covered in sheet metal, and as @toolboy mentioned good access all around for cleaning the tracks is important.

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Hey thanks Glen and Jeff.
Might revisit putting the unit on casters.
With a 35’ machine torch cable, any idea on how far away from the plasma cutter the table can be placed?

I would say…35’ minus what the table needs…ahahahahah

I think that is something you will have to play with once you get the table

OK, yes. Maybe I could rephrase the question to:

What length of cable is required for a machine torch setup on the Crossfire Pro from the torch to the corner where the suspension arm attaches to the table?

Trying to get a handle on where I can place my plasma cutter in reference to the table and if a 35’ cable will suffice.


let us look at it this way…
from the ground to corner of table 3’
from corner of table up the cable support arm 4’
from the end of the support arm down to the torch…4’

so to play safe you need about 10’ to 12’ or cable or about half your length…

Just the dimensions I needed.
Thanks a bunch toolbox.
Much appreciated.

as a heads up your 2 limiting cables for distance from your table are going to be the USB cord and the DIV box cords. they both top out at i think 5-6’. if you extend them then you can get much further from the table

Thanks for that information Teknic.
Good to know.

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Heres my setup !!!


Nice setup.
Great idea on the partial wall separation.
Very neat and tidy!